Sunday, December 16, 2007


The final touch!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Summertime visitors!

July is a great month - we got back from the cabin and we had visitors and then more visitors!!

First, Ingrid and Jake came with baby Will. We had a great time. Will is fun to watch and he eats like a crazy man. I like that about him. So does Scout. We gave them a tour of Portland and tried some local yummies. I think they like it here. I can't wait until they move to the West Coast!

After that Laura came with her new husband Scott. We had lots of fun. One day, I took them to MY favorite restaurant The Lucky Lab. We also went to walk around the Japanese Garden, went on a hike on the Timberline Trail to the Muddy Fork of the Sandy River (not what we planned but -oops!) and another hike to Latourell Falls. Scott also ran on the days we hiked. He must be a glutton for punishment as Scout would say. I think we were all tired at the end of the weekend! I'm glad we squeezed in some pizza (at Ken's Artisan Pizza, yum!) and Thai food. Nummies!

Thanks to everyone for visiting - life was so much more exciting with you here!

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