Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Visiting Grandma & Grandpa McCullough

The first day of our trip we flew to Grandma and Grandpa McCullough's house in Cazenovia. Actually, we landed in Syracuse (really late!) and drove to Cazenovia. (A side note here - I was a REALLY good girl on the plane.) I fell asleep in the car and then woke up as Mommy tried to put me in bed. Uh-oh.

Anyway, I had a great time visiting. They have great playgrounds and I went to the one up on the hill behind their house again and again and again. I loved it. I went on the slides over and over again unless Mommy or Daddy was there and then I acted scared.

We also took a great canoe ride in the lake and then Grandpa showed me how to fish in the creek by his house. We had a nice Mother's Day dinner with Great Grandma Kate. I'm still talking about her! She's very interesting. When we left to go see Grandma and Grandpa Myers, I wondered if Great Grandma Kate would be there.

Uncle Jeff lives in Cazenovia too so I got to see him again. He and I have a lot in common. We like to hang out and throw rocks. He's cool. I thought he was cool even before I discovered our common interests but now, well, he's super cool.

I also had a great time playing with Grandma's dollhouse and other cool things Grandma has around the house - cat picture frames, cat pillows, yoga ball, mini-tramp, playdough, old games, books, fancy quilts - you name it! I'm hoping we'll go back really soon.

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