Thursday, May 22, 2008


Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Myers

After we visited in New York, we drove down to Connecticut to see Grandma & Grandpa Myers (they're Mommy's parents). Anyway, Mommy and Daddy told me the last time we did this drive it was in a terrible thunderstorm. We were all pretty excited that the weather was nice and that we manage to avoid the worst of rush hour traffic into Fairfield.

Anyway, I had a great time in Fairfield too. I found all sorts of dress up stuff around Grandma's house, we went to a playground by the beach and we played with cousins and neighborhood girls. We also had an early birthday party for me which was really cool! The mini-cupcakes ended up not being mini so there were plenty of leftovers. I also probably got a bit more than I would have. I don't think that half a big cupcake is as small as a mini-cupcake. Hee-hee. Lucky me!

Uncle Brian and Cousin Nick came down from Vermont for the day and that was a special treat. We're really sorry that Aunt Lisa, Cousin Mike and little canine Cousin Dottie didn't come too. I think Dottie would be a lot of fun! Roo the kitty would be good too but I don't want to subject a cat to a car trip.

Grandma & Grandpa also have a bunny or two in their yard (we saw one one the trail at Grandma & Grandpa McCullough's too). Anyway, there was one that I kept chasing - he'd run away but then he'd come back and then I'd chase him and he'd run away and then he'd come back and.... Anyway, that kept us all giggling.

By the end of our trip, though, I was really really tired from all the excitement so I was glad when it was time to head home.

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