Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Fourth of July! Trillium Lake Style

We went to "The Summer Cabin" for the Fourth of July. "The Summer Cabin" sometimes refers to a small cabin near Trillium Lake (Mt Hood) and sometimes refers to a smaller cabin near East Lake (not too far from Bend in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument). Anyway, we had a lot of fun. We played in Trillium Lake and caught newts!

We also went for a hike to Little Crater Lake and Timothy Lake but there were sooooo many mosquitoes! It was a little miserable. Luckily there were butterflies and pretty flowers to make up for the evil biting bugs. Seriously, evil, even the dogs were miserable.

Daddy and I (and the dogs) had a much better hike another day near Lookout Mountain. Tons of flowers and butterflies in the meadows! There was snow, too, that kept us from reaching the top but I enjoyed running around in the meadow instead. We almost didn't find our way out of the meadow but Daddy said, "Flip it, Buddy!" and Scout led us out immediately. He's such a smart sniffer dog!

I love staying at the cabin. This cabin had a window right by my bed so I woke up nice and early! Hope you had a great holiday too!

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