Friday, December 12, 2008


Christmas Lists

Today I made Christmas lists for Mommy, Daddy and Me. Here they are:

Clara (Me)
Reindeer outfit
Ballerina outfit
Kitty suit (aka outfit)
Decorations for a really crazy fancy dance/ball (like flowers for chairs)
New crayons
Colored pencils

Cheryl (Mommy)
New computer
Wood pieces to make letters
Princess outfit
Decorations for a fancy dance/ball

Scott (Daddy)
Reindeer outfit
Kitty suit (aka outfit)
"Just one" princess outfit with ribbons and slippers

Thanks, Mommy, for writing down all my ideas. I hope Santa gets everyone what I chose for them. You listenin' Santa?

(Mommy commentary here: the computer really was Clara's idea though it seems awfully out of place with the other stuff.)

I hope you all get everything you wish for!
I especially hope Santa brings Scott that "just one" princess outfit.
Is it a special one in particular?
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