Saturday, November 29, 2008


School days

Sorry, I haven't updated in so long! If you haven't heard, I started school. I go to a really great school with nice teachers. I do work like painting, washing a pumpkins, spooning grains or stringing beads. I also really like to hang out in the reading corner. I wash my own dishes and clean my place after lunch. We sing songs every day and I've learned some songs that Mommy and Daddy don't know. (Don't worry I still make up my own songs all the time.) We go outside EVERY day no matter what the weather is doing. I'm making new friends and one of my favorite new friends loves to dress up even more than me. Can you believe it? How cool.

I'm still taking swimming lessons. I'm a Penguin now and I jump in and go underwater all the time and I can float for a little while all on my own. I'm working on my front glide...I just need to perfect my kicks and then I'll be an Otter. I like all the animal names they have for our classes.

We've gone on some great hikes this fall - just today I went with Daddy and the dogs up to Dry Creek Falls. I hiked or ran for about 1.5 hours! Daddy did carry me some too. It was a lot of fun. When the weather was a little nicer, the whole family went up to Mirror Lake. It's really pretty up there! I guess there's a reason that the parking lot there is almost always full.

For Halloween, I dressed up as a ballerina and went to see our favorite neighbors. I also got my picture taken someplace fancy with a cool white backdrop. I thought it was a stage and really didn't want to stand still at all for the lady with the camera. Mommy had fun watching that!

On Thanksgiving, Uncle Todd came over and we had yummy food. I made the cranberry relish and everyone thought it was really good. I also helped Mommy make rolls from scratch. (I call them roll-ups. I don't know why.)

I promise to try to update my site more often. I think we'll be off to pick out Christmas trees soon and other fun things. I'm hoping to share some of my artwork from school soon, too!

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