Friday, August 22, 2008


Fire and Water

Lots of fun stuff going on lately. We had a sad goodbye to Beckham and his family - they're off to Germany! It wasn't so sad, actually, it was lots of fun. I got to play with some rowdy boys which is pretty rare for me. But fun! I hugged them and encouraged them even while they were being loud and rough. I'm funny that way I guess.

I also talked with the Slingsbys - Rich, Cyn and Stella. I'm not sure if I've ever met Stella. She's really cute. I think I'll share some of my clothes with her (she's only one). Of course, Mommy didn't think to tell me before that party that Cyn is a firefighter! A REAL firefighter! Cyn is super nice and invited me to come by the station. We did that a few days later and it was really great. I even got some homemade zucchini bread. I guess I haven't told you but I'm going through a little bit of a firefighter fascination stage. Every time I hear sirens I say, "There goes Cyn! Cyn's on a call!"

The other big thing that has been going on is....SWIM LESSONS! I have been going every weekday for about three weeks (one to go). Mommy decided that the pools are mostly open when I'm napping so swim lessons would be the best way for me to get a lot of practice in the water. There were a couple of days that I was overtired or something and didn't feel like cooperating but, mostly, they're really great. I even went underwater all on my own the other day! My teacher was very impressed. We kick and blow bubbles and sing songs. Good stuff!

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