Sunday, July 20, 2008


Silver Star

Daddy, Scout and I did another hike. Mommy stayed home with New Dog. Reika is on strict rest: maybe she doesn't have a torn ligament after all, so rest might fix her up. It's sad. I think Mommy and Reika would have liked this hike. Oh, by the way, Reika is over her kennel cough, but I sill have it.

I hiked by myself for a little bit, but it was steep and slippy and just got worse! Mostly, I rode in the backpack, and Daddy said that I got a silver star! I wasn't fussy at all, not even after a long, bumpy car ride, and a long hike in the sun.

There were like a million butterflies and two million wildflowers and four snow-capped volcanoes. What species of flies are butterflies? I really wanted a butterfly to land on my hand, and I clutched a wildflower for forever to entice them, but no luck.

Daddy and I went up Ed's Trail. It's very scenic, but we had to scramble up some loose, steep stuff above big drop-offs, and that was scary. Especially with Scout doing his best Rockhopper Penguin. I didn't freak out, and I held on tight to the backpack handles, but later I told Daddy that I was scared.

We met lots of people on the trail. Another Daddy shared cherries with me, and a nice lady shared her trail mix. Later, she found my hat on the trail! Thanks, nice lady!

When we got home, I even pooped in the potty instead of my pants and fell asleep before 9:00 pm, so it was an all-round miraculous day.

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