Thursday, November 01, 2007


Happy Halloween!

I had all sorts of ideas of what I should be for Halloween. I wanted to be a horse, a cat, a bunny, a unicorn and - finally - a fairy. Mommy kind of had options for unicorn and bunny and could have thrown together a last minute cat costume but I think I was making her crazy! She says if I decide ahead of time and don't change my mind, should could make a really nice costume but I like to imagine myself as all sorts of different things! I also got Mommy to dress up a little bit like a fairy and I imagined myself a fairy dog - with Scout, imaginary costumes are usually safest! Daddy dressed up as a fairy dog handler, I guess. He just put on his Carhart jacket and he was ready to go.

We were planning to go to Astoria last weekend to watch a big pink bunny (Daddy) race his bike and throw candy to the crowd but Mommy and I got sick. Thankfully, we were feeling a bit better by Halloween and we got to go trick-or-treating at Maggie's and Rita's and Denise's. Oh, we also went down to Camille's house too! She's just about my age. She wasn't dressed up for trick-or-treat yet. She was going to be scary ladybug - Mommy's sorry we missed it.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Watch out for flying fairy wands!

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