Tuesday, August 21, 2007


More camping! More swimming! More animals!

Mommy and Daddy have been promising another camping trip and another trip to the beach and they finally came through! Unfortunately, we learned that you should plan your beach/camping trips long in advance because all of the beach campgrounds book up in advance. The good news? Mommy and Daddy thought it through a little and Mommy had the phone numbers of a bunch of places that might have openings for us. We drove by the place we wanted the most because we called ahead and they were full but we found a spot at the second campground we drove through. As Scout tells me, it could be a lot worse!

So we found a 'site at the Kilchis River Campground (run by Tillamook County). It is nothing fancy but the people who run it are nice and there is a river right there. The river was pretty fun but Mom and Dad promised to take me to the beach!! So, we set up camp and then (after I refused to nap) we were off to the beach. (We went to Barview Jetty which is a little north of Tillamook. It is also a county park/campground.) I fell asleep in the car on the way. Mommy and Daddy let me sleep a little but they woke me up because they promised to take me to the beach and it was getting late. Boy, am I glad they woke me up! We played in waves and we ran around. Again! Again!

We made a campfire that night to stay warm and we had sausages and hot dogs cooked over the fire. Yummm. Then, after that, Mommy made me my first popcorn. I loved it! I wasn't that impressed with the foil thing that got bigger and bigger but I loved to eat what was inside.

The next day - we went to a beach that wasn't for swimming - Bay Ocean Spit. It made me very very sad not to swim. I think maybe I could have gone swimming if Mommy and Daddy wanted to take me. Anyway, I felt less sad when we went back to the car and had a peanut butter sandwich. Then we went to the Blue Heron French Cheese Company and that was great! There were lots of animals to check out. Scout, of course, made friends with the minature donkey. Is he part donkey?

After I took a nap, we went swimming in the river at the 'site. It was cold! That was fun too but not as fun as the big ocean waves. Sorry we forgot to take river pictures. The water was low (I bet it is different in spring!) but clear and there were a lot of rocks and more rocks. Lots of kids too. They mostly floated in boats. I guess other people don't like to go in cold water as much as we do.

Oh, just in case you were wondering - we all sleep just fine in the tent. Even though Scout and I have our own bags and pads, we pile on Momma. Daddy doesn't share with Scout like Mom does. I think Mommy falls for those hound dog eyes. It certainly isn't his smell!

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