Sunday, January 28, 2007


No news is good news?

Well, no big trips this weekend. Not for me at least. Mommy went for a long run along the river with Joanna yesterday and Daddy and Scout went up to Mt Hood for a snowshoe run today but I stayed mostly at home. That isn't such a bad thing, though, I didn't have to stay strapped in my carseat much either! That's a good thing.

This week was good. I met Beckham and his mommy at the playground. It was fun. Beck's mom carried me around and pushed me on the swing while Mommy tried to keep Beck from falling to his death. He's much more into the playground than me. I like to visit before I play....and then Mommy is ready to leave just when I start climbing up the slide the "wrong" way.

I also got my first balloon. I love balloons. Until this week, though, no one gave me one to check out! It was soooooo cool. I was having a blast - down and uppie and down and uppie and down and uppie. Very neat! I ran around with it and danced with it and got all wound up. It was the perfect thing to do just before bedtime. I was a good girl and didn't pop it but I went to bed and then it was gone in the morning. I wonder what happened to it?

Like I said, this weekend was boring. So, when I found my Halloween costume in the laundry, I begged Mommy to put it on me! It was great. I ran around dressed up like Spot and we went to the coffee shop and to the playground. Everyone was really impressed with me. I totally understand it - I would be impressed with anyone in a dog suit.

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