Thursday, January 11, 2007



I thought you guys might be wondering what I've been up to.

Last things first! We went up to Trillium Lake and went snowshoeing. I got to see snow! I haven't seen snow in so long - I only remember it from pictures. It was snowing on the drive up so we had to stop and Daddy put these things called "chains" on the car. Mommy and I had a snack while he did that.

When we got to the parking lot, it was blowing snow! It was pretty crazy. Then Mommy and Daddy reminded me that we had to walk on snowshoes to get to the cabin. Well, I hated to tell them but I'm not ready for that! Anyway, Daddy carried me in the "high" backpack and Mommy pulled a sled full of clothes and food. When we got to the cabin, we were all snowy but I giggled most of the way there because Scout is so funny. After we got the cabin all warmed up, Marjon and John and Ryan showed up after a long ski. We all had some lasagna and I ran around in just a diaper for a few minutes before I went to sleep. You've got to keep your friends entertained - that's what I always say.

The next day we went for a short hike in the snow again. Thankfully, the snow was mostly on the ground and in the trees and not blowing in my face again! It was really pretty. We went back to the cabin, warmed up with lunch and headed back out to the car. John was nice enough to dig our car out so we just had to open up the frozen doors and warm up the car. We let Ryan and Marjon use our snow brushes and scrapers because they only had Ryan's student ID to scrape. Guess what Marjon got as a late Christmas present?

Anyway, I don't want to forget Daddy's birthday hike (before the cabin adveture). We went on a new trail at Cape Horn. There was no snow there but it was windy and cold. I had fun for about half the time and then I was ready to go home. There weren't as many birds as Mom and Dad promised! Thankfully, it was really pretty. Happy Birthday, Daddy! Sorry I fussed.

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