Sunday, September 04, 2005


Very Witty!

It's always fun when with visit with Aunt Kelly. I get to see my friend Chloe who is so grown-up and fashionable. She's starting kindergarten this year! I'm hoping that someday I can be like Chloe and go to kindergarten. She's promised she'll go shopping with me one day, too, with our moms. Maybe I can be that fashionable too! My buddy Beckham is cool too. He says that tummy time is fun and I should try it more. Mom says he looks like he's close to "crawling" whatever that means.

Chloe & ClaraBaby Beckham

Beckham also shares his blankets and toys with me. This time I got to try the exersaucer - it was cool! I got to stand on my toes without Mommy holding me! I know there are a lot of toys on it but I just like to stand up and check things out. Anyway, that's all for now - it's nap time.

Trying out Beck's exersaucer

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