Monday, August 29, 2005



Well, I know I haven't written much. We've been very busy. I've also been very hungry so I haven't had time to update my blog. A girl's gotta eat pretty much ALL the time to grow!

Hard at work

As you can see (by the size of the hands), Dad is the one that usually helps me work on my entries but Mom's helping me today.

So much has happened since last time, I went to the Saturday Market for the first time and picked out a tie dyed outfit and hung out with Auntie Marjon, Uncle John and Uncle John's parents, Don and Carol. I slept in my stroller most of the time but I opened my eyes for a few minutes to officially meet them. They came all the way from Pennsylvania to see me - that's the least I could do. Uncle John and Auntie Marjon also came by for a visit and I modeled my Saturday Market outfits for them and I fell asleep on Uncle John's big lap!

Miss KC and Auntie Meg stopped by for a visit too. I was a little cranky but I tried to cheer up and have fun with Miss KC for a little while. We had a good laugh at the huge croissant Mom was trying to eat!

Fun with Miss KC

Oh, man, my diaper is getting heavy and my tummy is getting empty. I gotta go. Check out the photo gallery for more pictures! Mom takes too many!

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