Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Busy Baby

Hi everybody, what's new with you?

We had a busy weekend. I went over to Matt Mahoney's birthday party (I was the star attraction if you ask me), Chad and Anna's engagement party (they are _very_ nice), and we all went for a hike on the Maple Trail in Forest Park.

Normally, I just sleep through these hikes, but I popped my head out a bit to take a look around. Forest Park is green. It was too long a hike, though (Dad always lies about how long it will take). I got hungry and fussy and my stomach hurt.

I've learned some new tricks. I am working on my neck muscles so that I can look around. It's hard work -- my head is heavy. I am getting my arms under control a bit. They still flop and flail, but sometimes I can get them just where I want them. The best is when I manage to bring my fingers to my mouth. Then I can suck on them. Of course, it's hard to hit my mouth, and sometimes I end up with fingers in my nostrils or eye sockets.

I wish my neck was as strong as my legs. You better watch out, or I will shoot right off your lap!

Man, if you want to make your parents go crazy, just smile at them.

I am settling into a routine. Sleep all day, and then 10 PM is the start of party time. I am full of beans (many times those are painful beans) and don't want to sleep. Sometimes Mom thinks I've settled in, but when she puts me down, she finds out how wrong she is! 2 AM and 5 AM are good times to be awake, too. Mom is looking a bit sleepy these days.

How do you like to sleep? I think the best way is face down on top of Mom or Dad. You can wrap your arms around their chest and snooze away. Mom is soft, and Dad is so warm. Ahhh.

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