Sunday, July 17, 2005



ClaraClara's long-lost Finnish cousin?

Apparently Big People watch a lot of bike racing. Every day, I've been sleeping on Mom and Dad as we watch these guys pedal their bikes around and around France. Today, we rooted for Oscar "El Nino" Sevilla. Can you guess why?

Khaleh Marjon held me yesterday. She's nice.

We also went to another bike race here in Portland. It was at the track. We sat in the shade on the grass. It was nice to see Craig and Connie and Jen and Elex and John.

Today I went for a long stroller trek with Dad and Scout. Scout thought he wasn't going to get to come, and he was pretty upset about it! We went to Grand Central Bakery. I got good air off some curbs and we went cross country a few times. No problems, though. I was safely cushioned by the Snuzzler, a gift from my friend Jame. Hopefully, I'm not going to get sunburn on my legs.

Every night around 9-10 PM I just can't settle down. Don't what it is, but I just don't feel good! Sometimes it gets better in a couple hours but -- you guessed it -- then I'm hungry again.

My neck is getting stronger. I'm learning to gurgle and squeak at Mom and Dad. Sometimes I just crack myself up! Apparently, I also laugh in my sleep.

That's it for now. Probably time for another bike race.

P.S., Sure enough, we went back to the Alpenrose bike race again. Saw Miss Molly and Miss Heather. I wonder what KC is doing now?

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